Inman Aligner

Some people’s teeth are naturally crooked, others will experience movement over time. It is a common mis-conception that fixed metal braces are required to rectify this but revolutionary treatments like the Inman Aligner in Glasgow might be the answer for you.

Are you looking for a quick, non-invasive way to straighten your teeth?

Are you sick of seeing a crooked smile when you look in the mirror?

The Inman Aligner could be the perfect solution for you. This non-invasive alternative to braces can give you a brand new smile after only 8 weeks of treatment.

Options for aligning Crooked Teeth
Previously, patients with crooked teeth were limited in their options. Traditional orthodontic braces are an effective treatment, but they are slow, expensive and can cause you to feel self conscious because of their aesthetic appearance.

Clear or invisible braces offer an improvement but still require the patient to wear them for 24 hours a day. They are also very expensive when compared to metal braces.

Veneers are another option for patients. However, when the front teeth are badly mis-aligned, veneer treatement can involve heavy grinding of the teeth. This can cause a lot of discomfort and anxiety. In fact, the Inman Aligner can be an ideal preparation before undergoing veneer treatment. It will quickly align the teeth and reduce much of the need for invasive work prior to the veneers being fitted.

How does the Inman Aligner work?
By applying continuous, gentle orthodontic pressure, the device gradually re-aligns the front set of teeth to improve the aesthetic appearance of your smile. It is also quite discreet, it is similar in appearance to a sports gum-shield. We find that patients enjoy the fact that they can remove the aligner in order to eat and brush their teeth. This offers a clear advantage over traditional braces.
Mrs Nicola Yeaman B.D.S
In order to achieve fast results, we generally recommend that patients wear the aligner for at least 16-20 hours per day. However, this offers the flexibility to remove the device for an important engagement, such as a job interview.

The Inman Aligner might not be suitable for everyone. It does not work on the molars; if these are seriously mis-aligned then an alternative might be more appropriate. Nevertheless, it is an excellent cosmetic dental treatment that can really help you to restore the confidence in your smile.

Inman Aligner Cost
The cost of Inman Aligner treatment will depend upon the severity of the crowding. More severe cases will take longer before a desirable result is achieved and involve more visits to the practice for re-adjustments.

Typically the inman aligner is a more affordable option than other forms of cosmetic brace or porcelein veneers.

After Care
Once you and your dentist are satisfied that the desired results have been achieved then you will no longer need to wear the inman aligner. A removable retainer may be required to ensure that the teeth remain in position. Initially this will be worn for most of the day but we will advise on when this can be reduced to night-time only.

We will monitor your progress during your follow up appointments and advise upon any further treatments that may be required. The vast majority of patients are extremely satisfied with the results and no further treatment is necessary. Porcelain Veneers or Tooth Whitening are popular options that some patients choose afterwards if they wish to achieve a “perfect smile”.

That said, these options are entirely at the patient’s discretion and are not necessary in order to achieve outstanding results with the Inman Aligner.

How do I clean my Inman Aligner?
The Inman Aligner is quite a complicated dental appliance, which means that it is very important to clean it regularly. The components of the device must be kept clean in order to keep them functioning correctly.

An ultrasonic cleaner, combined with a gentle denture cleaning solution, is the most effective method of cleaning your Inman Aligner.

Specialist denture or retainer cleaner, which can be found at your local pharmacy, along with a soft bristled tooth brush is also a safe method to keep your Inman Aligner clean.

If you need any help or advice about keeping your Inman Aligner clean then please ensure you ask during your regular check up. We will be more than happy to help.

Inman Aligner: Case Study
You can read more about one of our patient’s experience with the Inman Aligner here.

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